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156 Partick Thistle Songs & Football Chants

The jags are purring

3340 Red and Yellow Are the Colours We Love Thanks to Michael Green for the lyrics רשימת השמעה
3521 We've Followed the Thistle for Many a Day Great Partick Thistle song רשימת השמעה
7462 Come on Thistle A classic Thistle song to get the lads going רשימת השמעה
8001 We Went Down to London Follow Partick Thistle, will drink רשימת השמעה
8412 Maryhill Is Wonderful Well said רשימת השמעה
9236 Don't Know What Yer Doing Usually sung to referees who are clueless רשימת השמעה
10365 Alchy, Alchy Having a go at the Weagies רשימת השמעה
10641 You Don't Know Who You Are Who are ya? רשימת השמעה
11054 Meadowbank Puh! רשימת השמעה
12499 Doo Doo Doo Conrad Balatoni A song for Balatoni רשימת השמעה
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13049 Red 'n' Yellow Army NEW It's an army of, wait for it, red and yellow.. רשימת השמעה
13091 Liam Buchanan Top striker for Partick Thistle רשימת השמעה
13781 Keep the North Stand Red and Yellow Fans Protesting against the boards decision to not allow jags fans in the north stand next season רשימת השמעה
13801 There's Only One Johnny Tuffey Northern Irelands Number 1 רשימת השמעה
14222 Simon Donnelly That man... רשימת השמעה
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