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15 Middlesbrough Songs & Football Chants

Sounds of the Riverside! How many times will the Mackems get slated?

380 Middlesbrough F.C The finest team in football. רשימת השמעה
480 Boro, Boro Simple but effective Middlesbrough chant רשימת השמעה
657 Boro Clap Makes a great ringtone רשימת השמעה
664 Teessiders Top Middlesbrough chant רשימת השמעה
757 When the Reds Go Marching In I wanna be in that Boro number רשימת השמעה
1115 Red Army Keeps marching on. רשימת השמעה
1657 Right Side / Left Side It's funny while your singing it רשימת השמעה
1845 We're Middlesbrough Telling People Who We Are רשימת השמעה
1849 Who's That Team We Call the Boro? It's Boro! רשימת השמעה
2217 You Are My Boro Please don't take my Boro away.(Thanks to James Frankland for submission). רשימת השמעה
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2325 Pigbag Another simple but jolly one we sing רשימת השמעה
2739 Come on Boro Getting behind the boy's רשימת השמעה
2953 Get Yer Tits Out (Ed: Apologies to females and fat blokes) רשימת השמעה
2958 Let's Go Mental classic rouser רשימת השמעה
3098 Hello, Hello We Are the Boro Boys Old classic that's been sung for years רשימת השמעה
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