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8 Birmingham City Songs & Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

378 Keep Right On Pure classic רשימת השמעה
381 S**t on the Villa Old Favourite. רשימת השמעה
993 Come to Birmingham And you will see.. רשימת השמעה
1078 We're Birmingham We're Birmingham City! רשימת השמעה
1406 Blues Go Down Together! Kick Villa רשימת השמעה
1684 We Are Brummies Yes we are רשימת השמעה
1731 I Am a City Fan Tune: Sex Pistols, of course רשימת השמעה
2777 If You All Hate Villa Clap Yer Hands Hands together then. רשימת השמעה
2972 De Der Der Der De A humming kinda tune. רשימת השמעה
3072 O'Connor The song says it all really. רשימת השמעה
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3375 That's Why You're Going Down Sung to those who are going down, the reason being the appauling football being witnessed at the time. רשימת השמעה
3628 Useless Does what it says on the tin רשימת השמעה
3799 We Don't Care About Carson More on Carson Yeung רשימת השמעה
3967 McSheffrey Song for Birmingham's top man Gary McSheffrey. רשימת השמעה
4405 Super Kevin Phillips Blue nose marksman רשימת השמעה
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